Business Communication

Media relations

Media relations is so much more than writing press releases. Developing and maintaining positive working relationship with key journalists and engaging thoughtfully, at the right time, is an art worth learning. We can help you reach out and inject your voice into the relevant debates and issues, and get your story out into the world effectively.

Sometimes, the right decision is to say nothing. But that decision should never be arrived at without careful, strategic consideration. PR should always tell a relevant story, and underpin your broader business agenda. “All publicity is good publicity” has never been true, and never will be.

We offer the full spectrum of media relations including media training, reactive messaging, strategic counsel, proactive outreach, relationship management, media analysis and more.

Executive profiling

Executive profiling is personal brand management for top-level executives. When you’re at the top of your game, it can be a minefield to navigate your professional image through the myriad of issues and debates that typify our industries. Engaging thoughtfully in order to enhance your public profile and ensure you’re in line for the next big opportunity is an art that we know well.

B2B communications

B2B communications covers a myriad of channels these days, from LinkedIn to brochures to advertising copy and so much more. All these, however, must be grounded in your over-arching business strategy. Building a strong stable of communication pieces and knowing when and how to use them is critical to maximising your bottom line.

Issues management, crisis planning and crisis management

The ideal time to engage in crisis management is well before a crisis hits. Knowing what may occur and being ready to respond is the very best way to ensure your brand sustains the least possible damage. If, however, you’re taken by surprise, we can help navigate these difficult waters and provide calm, sensible counsel to weather the storm and guide you back to safer harbours.

Annual reports and business publications

Annual reports, while often a box-ticking affair, can be a wonderful opportunity to showcase your brand and its achievements. Our talented team is expert at highlighting success in ways that can make your business communication pieces stand head and shoulders above those of your competitors.