Financial Communication


Good communication is critical in IPO phase. A single mistake can cost an organisation dearly. Creating positive PR opportunities to support IPO efforts; making sure all the marketing elements are perfect; defending against information leaks; and making sure the company is ready to meet stringent rules around material information – all these are vital to position for a successful IPO. Are you ready?


A good PR and communication strategy around M&A can be the difference between success and failure. Minimising uncertainty, containing information leaks, and telling your story in a compelling way helps bring staff, investors, regulators and other shareholders on the M&A journey with you.

Thinking strategically about PR and beginning your planning early will give your transaction the best chance of success.

Investor relations

PR, marketing and communications for public companies can be a strategic mechanism to support and boost share price – not just a tick-the-box function. Good IR is a cost-effective way to build your corporate reputation and support your broader business goals.

Takeover defence

The media love takeover stories, so these battles must often be fought in the public domain at a time when stress is high and change is rapid. Grasping control of the story at the outset and maintaining control through the defence process is vital, while also ensuring all non-media stakeholders are influenced and informed through the appropriate channels. Thoughtful, responsive communication advice plays a critical role in this challenging time.