• Data mining bias

    Data mining bias

    Our friends over at Quantify have been doing some clever machine learning things with trading data to take out the insidious thread of data mining bias. Head over here to read their case study.

  • Born in the USA

    Born in the USA

    We’re thrilled to have touched down in the USA, with a new partnership with Forefront Communications in New York. Continuum clients can now seamlessly access the US media, and tap into deep expertise in marketing and communicating to […]

  • Look out Patty & Selma

    Look out Patty & Selma

    Blockchain is coming for your jobs.

    The chainsmoking twin sisters of Marge from The Simpsons are about to be out of a job. The reason? Blockchain.

    In a closed-door session in Sydney this morning, NY Stern Professor […]

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With people on the ground in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and Malaysia, and partners in the U.S. and U.K., Continuum supports the growth of its local, Asian and global fintech and financial services clients through sophisticated, targeted programs that cut through industry noise to deliver tangible business results. Learn more

We are PR 2.0

We are in the cloud; we are on the ground; we are at the frontiers of technology alongside our clients. We are in the boardroom; we are in the newsroom; we are on WhatsApp at 2am getting the job done. We have cast off the shackles of the office-bound, high-overhead model. We are everywhere our clients are, and everywhere they need us to be.

We won’t send our senior execs in to pitch to you then palm you off on to junior staff. The people you see day one, are the people you see every day. We choose our clients carefully and exclusively, only working with people and businesses we’re genuinely excited about. We get to know each and every one of our clients inside out, and we go to work for them every day with a joyful drive to protect, enhance and grow their businesses. Learn more

“Continuum Partners have been a vital partner in the ongoing success of Independent Reserve. Kristin and the team were instrumental in our successful product launch and have done an excellent job in providing ongoing exposure to our business in the press. Continuum were also able to provide comprehensive media training for our team, to help us navigate around the pitfalls of dealing with the media.”
Adrian Przelozny, Chief Operating Officer, Independent Reserve
“We have been very impressed with Continuum’s proactivity in getting Fidessa’s name out there in Asia. Their reach into the Asian media is extensive and they are very good at generating positive messaging that reaches our existing and potential client base. The team’s writing skills in particular are outstanding and have proven a great asset to our global marketing efforts.”
Simon Barnby, Global Marketing Director, Fidessa
“The Continuum Partners were instrumental in the successful launch of AsiaIRP in 2010, achieving outstanding PR for us with readership in the millions. Their fuss-free event management skills and seemingly effortless editorial results really impressed us. We will certainly be working with Continuum in future, and recommending them to our peers.”
Lucy Carmody, Co-Founder, AsiaIRP
“Right from the start The Continuum Partners impressed us with their strong connections with Hong Kong media, their knowledge of the fintech start-up space, and the local financial landscape. They have consistently provided excellent strategic advice and precise execution on the PR side, as well as strong support on the marketing side.”
Mark Munoz, Managing Director, Contineo Limited
“PR firms working with academic research is a specialist skill, and The Continuum Partners have excelled in their role of helping CIFR translate scholarly research to a wider set of stakeholders. Continuum Partners have worked effectively to promote the value of CIFR’s research to both Australian and international audiences, helping us communicate our key findings to those engaged in public policy and a wide market-based audience.”
“I have known Continuum for years and they know the Asia Trading/FinTech community like no one else. In my most recent trip to Asia, Kristin and Continuum arranged interviews with major global media brands and a major evening event with senior industry professionals from all over Asia. There is no way that anyone else could pull this off as well and as professionally as Continuum. They were great to work with.”
Larry Tabb, TABB Group

Kristin Westlake, Principal and Founder

“Good PR takes skill and judgment. Keeping clients out of the media can be as – or more – important than pitching them in. We walk the tightrope every day so our clients don’t have to.”

Kristin has more than 15 years experience in corporate communication, the majority in institutional and retail financial services. She has guided major firms in government and regulatory affairs; crisis and defensive communication; media relations; internal communication; and B2B and B2C marketing communications. Meet the Team

Kristin Westlake
  • Thoughtful, strategic media relations

  • Clever, nimble brand management

  • Smart, targeted marketing

  • Start-up expertise and enthusiasm